Connect4Free is the best free dial up ISP, providing dial up internet access for both business and home users. We provide fast, cheap and reliable dial up cheap internet access with no subscription fees and no need to sign up. All you pay are the phone costs for the time you are online. Unlike our competitors, our dial-up service uses an 0844 number - meaning you can get connected and start surfing from just 1p per minute - the cheapest dial-up around.

Experience dial-up line speeds up to 128k

Dialup Settings

  • Access Number: 0844 535 2150
  • Username: Connect
  • Password: 4free
  • Mail Server:

Here at Connect4Free, we provide premium dial up internet services for domestic home users, corporate and business clients. We are one of the best free dial up internet service providers (ISP), offering our customers fast, cheap and reliable dial up access.

We pride ourselves on continuously giving our customers value for money and freedom to use our service when it truly suits them. That is why we are committed to the practice of not requiring a subscription or registration to use our internet solutions. It also means we never charge admin, set up or subscription fees, our service is completely free to use.

The only costs to you as a customer are the payments to your phone line provider, as you will be charged for the usage of telephone minutes whilst you are online.

Our dial up services use a 0845 number, usually charged from 1p per minute, slashing your internet fees. This is one of the cheapest dial up packages available in the market. You will also receive a premium service and experience speeds of up to 128k, with no engaged tones or drop outs.

Automatic setup

Getting online with Connect4Free is easy as we provide automatic set up and installs for your computer. Simply select your operating system on our support page or click the ‘Install Now’ button above.

If you would prefer to manually set up your dial up connection, we have provided helpful guides including those for users working with Windows Vista or Windows 7. These are step by step instructions for you to carefully and easily get online.

Benefits of dial-up

There are numerous benefits of using a dial up internet service, and even more when choosing Connect4Free as your ISP. Dial up is accessible nationwide throughout the UK, wherever there is an active phone line. The internet will follow you whenever and wherever you go. Find out about other reasons for dial up internet access on our Benefits page.

Dial up internet is also a great alternative if you are currently having problems with an existing connection and need a fast, reliable option. Older computers can often struggle to be compatible with more complicated set up options and may be more suited to a dial up internet connection.

Using our ISDN dial-up technology Connect4Free can offer premium internet access and download speeds of up to 128k which is excellent for gamers and businesses looking to get on the internet with minimal delay. Our dial up service offers a free internet connection ensuring you only pay for what you use.

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